How the Pandemic Has Changed Home Requirements

Jun 24, 2020 | Buying  

How the Pandemic Has Changed Home Requirements

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has had major effects on real estate. Sales slowed dramatically in the early stages and are only now recovering. We had to alter the way we buy and sell homes and put safety protocols in place. We utilized new technology to create virtual tours of our listings. Meetings were held on Zoom instead of face to face. But the most interesting change has been that purchasers are reevaluating their needs and placing more importance in specific areas of their homes. Here are our thoughts on how the pandemic has changed home requirements.

The Kitchen

It seems like the more time we spend at home, the more trips we make to the fridge! People are becoming gourmet chefs and master bakers during this time of physical separation. They are stocking up on essentials and making trips to the grocery store less frequently. What does this mean for the kitchen moving forwards? We predict that storage in the pantry cabinets will become even more important. Kitchens will continue to be designed to be warm and welcoming as home owners spend even more time in this part of the home.

66 Wexford Crescent SW

The kitchen at 66 Wexford Crescent SW contains a pass through pantry, classic design elements and is open to the large living room.

The Home Office

Having a dedicated work space has become paramount! With a good set up in your home office a lot can be accomplished thanks to technology. Meetings will be held virtually more frequently as workers choose to avoid the commute. We predict that having a large office with space for several desks or even multiple work spaces within one home will become a higher priority for buyers even after the Covid threat subsides. Homework rooms will become more common as will craft areas, art studios and library nooks.

24 Spring Willow Way SW

There is more than enough room for everyone to work efficiently from the office space at 24 Spring Willow Way SW.

Outdoor Living Spaces

With the warm weather upon us we’re all taking advantage of being outside as much as possible. Larger lots, big backyards, decks, and play areas are becoming more important. Expansive lawns for games of tag or badminton, cozy outdoor fireplaces to roast marshmallows, patios for warm summer evenings, access to parks and outdoor amenities are now priorities for buyers. These types of features will continue to be more desirable for buyers after this crisis is over.

167 Chapala Pointe SE

167 Chapala Pointe SE is located on the shore of Lake Chaparral. It has its own dock, sandy beach, outdoor fireplace and views of the park across the water.

Recreation Rooms

The quality time we have had playing, talking, watching movies and connecting with one another within our family unit is one of the silver linings of the quarantine. However, kids and teens need areas of their own.  Building forts, setting up lego cities, and playing video games isn’t always ideal when everyone shares the same living room! Additionally, adult children who have returned home to ride out the pandemic need spaces of their own. We have already noticed that families that are purchasing homes want more square footage to accommodate everyone. Recreation rooms have become crucial, and snack bars, game rooms and media rooms get extra points!

1829 Bowness Road NW

Watch movies, play pool or serve food and drinks from the bar in the lower level of 1829 Bowness Road NW.

It’s undeniable that the pandemic has shaped the way we live. Now that we are spending more time at home, buyers are rethinking their needs and the functionality of their current houses. For many this means more square footage, efficient kitchens, areas for the kids, outdoor living spaces and home offices. The saying “Home Is Where the Heart Is” has more meaning than ever before. If your needs have changed and you would like some help finding a home that suits you better we’d love to chat with you.

May you find peace in your surroundings, comfort in your family and health and wellness ahead.