A Home Office is the New Necessity

Apr 01, 2020 | Interior Design  

A Home Office is the New Necessity

design: Dan Scotti, photo: Shade Deggs, via: 1stdibs

Three Work Spaces in One House

For a family that did not have a dedicated home office, the last few weeks have been a big eyeopener. In the past, Sam and I always went to the office if we needed to work. The distractions of home made focusing difficult and the messiness of papers, files and computer cords was something we tried to avoid.

We now have three offices in our home. Sam has a desk shoved in front of the family room fireplace. Jack, our son, logs into online classes at a spot in his bedroom. I’ve taken over the dining room table, and the spread of my papers is growing. Now more than ever, we’re rethinking the importance of the home office.

Like everyone, we are trying to find ways to adjust to our new reality. We’ve definitely reassessed the importance of a dedicated work zone at home. As everyone shelters in place, families are rethinking the functionality of their home. Sam has already had calls from past clients who are considering making a move to a bigger home because of the challenges they are facing with the whole family being at home at the same time. It will be interesting to see how this pandemic will shape our needs moving forwards.

These days, I find myself day dreaming about home offices more and more. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourites, some tips, and my home office decor must haves and where to find them.

Sam Corea Altadore Realtor Home Office Design Ideas

More Than an Office

Incorporating a comfortable perch away from the desk is a great way to expand the functionality of a home office. Now, not only is it a place to work at a desk, it’s a spot to read, watch an iPad, make a phone call or have a private conversation. The use of area rugs help to make the room quiet and add a luxurious feel to a room otherwise filled with hard surfaces. Also of note is the overhead light fixture offering illumination and interest.

Both these offices masterfully incorporate soft seating and look more like living rooms than home offices. I can picture having a glass of wine at the end of the day in one of these inviting rooms. I love the fact that they are multipurpose and very welcoming.

Sam Corea Work From Home Ideas

Dark Hues and Eclectic Elements

The home office is a great spot to go bold with a dark paint tone. The moody blue shade of the panelling and built in shelving of the office on the right makes this office feel more secluded and tucked away. The black ceiling of the den on the left is balanced by the massive dark desk. Throw in some eclectic elements like antique books, vintage area rugs, brass accents, wood and leather to add warmth to your bold colour palette.

Sam Corea Westhills Home Office Design Ideas

Natural Light

Did you know that access to natural light and views of the outdoors are the number one attribute of the workplace environment? Sitting near a window improves your mood, reduces drowsiness and increases productivity. Looking away from your screen and out at the scenery gives your mind a break and reduces stress. Both these built in home offices offer vistas with the desk positioned under the windows.

Sam Corea Real Estate Home Office Design IdeasThe Perfect Mix

This room hits all the high notes for me. I can picture myself productively and happily working away in this spot. It’s got a little bit of all the elements above: natural light, eclectic accessories, a dark ceiling, and a couple of comfortable chairs. It’s pretty close to the home office I’ve been day dreaming about. Here are my picks and sources to create a similar look in your own home office.

Sam Corea Realtor Home Office

Style guide: vintage area rug from Elte, light fixture via Arteriors, task chair by West Elm, art prints from Minted, task lamp via Circa Lighting, desk by Restoration Hardware, storage trays from Made Goods, storage basket via Indigo, lounge chair by Structube.

I hope these photos of beautiful spaces are a welcoming distraction from your day. I’m wishing each of you all the best as we navigate through these uncertain times. I hope you find peace and strength in the days ahead, and that you and your families stay healthy and safe.

written by Jacqueline Corea

Home is where the heart is. Sending our love to you and your families now more than ever. We’re all in this together.