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Market Pulse: Calgary Real Estate Market March 2020

Well, things were off to a great start and then...well, you all know what happened. Normally March is a busy month for Calgary real estate, especially with the number of listings that come to the market. At first, the pace was brisk. But as the pandemic gripped our city, the number of houses being listed slowed dramatically. Read how COVID-19 is affecting the Calgary real estate market.

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A Home Office is the New Necessity

For a family that did not have a dedicated workspace in our home, the last few weeks have been a big eyeopener. In the past, Sam and I always went to the office if we needed to work. The distractions of home made focusing difficult and the messiness of papers, files and computer cords was something we tried to avoid. Boy, have we ever had a change of heart! Read on for the full story.

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Tips for Buyers and Sellers During the COVID-19 Crisis

These are uncertain and unsettling times for all of us. We at the SAM Team remain solely focused on the needs and wellness of our clients and we are taking these precautions to minimize the risk of exposure as we continue to work with buyers and sellers. Read on to learn more about our suggestions.

Mar 17, 2020 Read More

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Springbank Hill – An Insiders Guide

Stunning mountain views, wooded green spaces, and some of Calgary’s finest homes can be found in the neighbourhood of Springbank Hill. In our insiders guide, we share the story behind a historic mansion, our favourite local businesses and the statistics of this affluent district. Get the Details!

Mar 06, 2020 Read More

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7 Reasons to List Your Home in March

In the springtime, buyers are looking at houses, families are making decisions on school districts and people are planning a summer move. Find out the 7 reasons why the smartest sellers list their homes in March so that they can take advantage of the hottest time to sell. Learn more!

Mar 05, 2020 Read More

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Market Pulse: Calgary Real Estate Market February 2020 Edition

How's the market?
We're spilling the beans on the pulse of the luxury market in Calgary and how the recent news from the oil and gas sector is affecting sales. We've crunched the numbers and divided them up so you can find out what is happening in your district. Here's our overview of the Calgary real estate market for February 2020. Get the Facts!

Mar 04, 2020 Read More