7 Reasons to List Your Home in March

Mar 05, 2020 | Selling  

7 Reasons to List Your Home in March

March Is the Ideal Time to List Your Home

In the springtime, buyers are looking at houses, families are making decisions on school districts and people are planning a summer move. The smartest sellers list their homes in March so that they can beat the stiff competition that floods the market later in the spring. Here’s our 7 reasons why you should take advantage of this time of year if you are selling your home.

1. A New Year Brings New Goals

People usually make big decisions and set their goals at the beginning of the year. For many, this includes a change in their residence. By March, buyers have spring fever and are motivated to achieve those goals. That’s why March is so ideal!

2. School Registration

February and March are the months that students register for the following academic year. Therefore, buyers need to make their decision on the district they want to live in during the first quarter of the year. Then they can enroll their children in their school of choice for the following year. If you have a home that is suitable for a family, then now’s the time to get it on the market.

3. More Buyers in Spring

Most buyers are aware that as the weather warms, more houses are listed. So they don’t get serious about buying until around March when there is more inventory. As the snow melts, more and more houses are put up for sale. Listing during this time of year means your home is seen by the largest quantity of qualified people looking to move.

4. A Summer Move is Easier

Statistically, most Calgarians move between June 30th and July 15th. This makes a lot of sense, especially for families with children. Moving during the summer months allows kids to settle in before the school year begins. It’s also convenient to get time off work to accommodate moving. But in order to move in the summer, the purchase must be made months before in the spring. Now’s the time to sell!

5. Company Relocation

Employees that are being relocated to Calgary are often organizing their move in the first half of the year. This is due to many of them having families, and that the summer is a good time to get settled into a new home and city before the school year begins. To capture those out of town buyers, get your home up for sale early in the year.

6. Beat the Rush

If you list your house in March, you will beat the influx of new listings that hit the market in April and May. This is perfect timing to get ahead of the crowd and capture buyers who are ready to purchase.  Plus, too much inventory on the market all at the same time means you’ll need to lower your price to attract attention. The earlier in spring you list, the more likely you are to book showings and get your price.

7. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Many Calgarians wait to list their home until the snow melts and the garden is green. But in our climate, the landscaping isn’t at its best until the end of May and early June. Delaying putting your home on the market until then means you’ve missed the peak buying season. If you aren’t sure if you should sell this year or next, book an appointment with one of our agents and we’ll arrange to have exterior photographs done while your landscaping is at it’s peak season. That way you’ll be able to show off your garden in photos even if there is snow on the ground when you get around to listing your home.

Let’s chat about how you can list your home in March. We’re here to guide you through the process!