5 Things That Will Make Your Home Welcoming to Buyers

Oct 04, 2018 | Selling  

5 Things That Will Make Your Home Welcoming to Buyers


It’s true when they say first impressions mean everything and the same goes for real estate. Follow these five tips to make your home stand out and get those buyers falling in love with your property before the front door even opens!

Rake, sweep, or shovel snow.

If your lawn is covered in leaves or the driveway is littered with pine cones a buyer’s mind will immediately start to calculate how much outdoor maintenance is required and how much time that will take. If the front stoop is dirty, they will believe the rest of the house is also. If there is snow and ice on the walkway they could slip and everyone knows what an unfriendly welcoming that would be! Take the time and make sure these things are attended to regularly when your house is listed for sale. And don’t forget to put the rake, broom or shovel back in the garage neatly when you are finished.

Add seasonal decor. 

A few flowers or seasonal decor like a pumpkin, a wreath, a winter arrangement of cedar boughs or some spring bulbs in a pot go a long way to create a welcoming feel. If you have space on your front porch, try adding a bench or a chair with an accent pillow to add some colour. The buyers will love it!

Touch up your front door. 

Wash down your front door, clean any glass and stand back and take a moment to examine it further. Is the paint peeling? Are there cobwebs that need to be removed? Is the light working? Have birds left their calling card? Is there a wasp’s nest? Get it all taken care of before your showings start. Remember that buyers stand at the front door for some time as their agent gets the keys to go inside. They will notice!


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Add a welcoming front door mat.

Something about a mat at the front door feels like the house embracing you before you even enter. Go with something colourful or with a positive statement like “hello” or “welcome” and although they are funny, avoid cheeky messages. 

Remove any personalized signs.

Don’t get us wrong, we think a placard stating that “the Jones live here” can be charming, but it’s off-putting to a buyer considering making it their own home. They want to picture themselves living here right as they walk up the sidewalk. Don’t challenge that dream by laying claim to your territory by plastering your name on the front of the house. 

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